Fees and Subs paid quicker with Admeze

Fees paid on time, easily track debt and hold details securely are just some of the things Admeze will do for you.

We automate your admin

Our platform automates a lot of the administration tasks normally associated with running a membership based organisation. This is what Admeze is capable of:

Your members can pay by debit/credit card as well as Direct Debit on any date of the month which suits them. Payments are then automatically reconciled against the member. We then transfer that money minus our 5% fee directly to your organisation's bank account. We don't charge any additional transaction fees!

Admeze will work for any organisation, whether you take monthly, termly or annual fees. Even if you charge on a per session basis, Admeze takes care of it all. Through our advanced payment schedule, we accommodate almost any subscription pattern.

See in detail who owes what, and how that amount has been calculated. If one of your member's payment's fail, our platform will automatically re-attempt it every 7 days. This approach means your members avoid the chronic debt cycle, making it easier for them to keep up to date.

Keep your members up to date with emails and SMS messages.

Link teams with private facebook, facebook messenger and whatsapp groups.

See how far your membership base stretches, or just make it easy to administer members by seeing where they live.

Security and legal compliance is at the heart of our operation. We keep all data held securely on servers located right here in the England. Our servers are powered by the same technology and intelligence behind Amazon. All personal data is held in accordance with GDPR.

Why should you be bombarded by annoying ads? Our platform is completely free from any sort of advertising for both you and your members.

Just some of what Admeze is capable of

"Club of stars" isn't real. Shame isn't it because it's such a great name. What is real is the benefit that Admeze can really bring to your organisation.

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